55Creatin was first discovered in the year 1832 by the renowned scientist Michel Eugene Chevreul and it was learned that it is in nature a form of nitrogenous organic acid, which is produced naturally by all vertebrates and its function is to supply energy to the muscles. For this reason, Chevreul named it “Creatin”- derived from the Greek word “kreas”, which mean “for flesh”. It is an important component of the skeletal muscles and is responsible for the strength which is needed by all vertebrates to coordinate the movement of the muscles with that of its adjoining bones. It is produced by the kidneys and livers of a body, so it is essential to keep them in good condition for the production of Creatin and other amino acids.

Creatin for Improved Physical Performance: As Creatin supplies energy to the muscles, creatin supplements are a favorite among the athletes and other sportsperson. Creatin helps in the development of the muscles and those keen on body building consume a lot of it as Creatin is known to produce three times the effects of a high- protein diet. The most important source of Creatin, apart from our body itself is meat. So many vegetarians also consume creatin supplements as well. In the right doses, Creatin is known to have produced remarkable results for those connected with sports.

Creatin and the Brain: Creatin, after extensive research, has been known to be beneficial to the brain, and the memory capacity increases to a certain degree as well as the IQ level. However, this varies form individual to individual and often people make the mistake of consuming creatin supplements for enhanced mental activity, which is absolutely wrong as wrong amounts of Creatin adversely affect your body because of its high concentration levels, which are more powerful in effect then normal protein supplements.

Hazards: It has been advised by researchers that Creatin should be best avoided by those who are prone to allergies. Creatin supplements, if not compatible to the body, can result in side effects, and it has been known to induce muscle cramps and those with renal dysfunction should avoid it completely. Continued use of Creatin supplements can result in the fluctuation of secretion of enzymes from liver and muscles.

Hence, it is seen how much useful Creatin is and how much is it important for our body, although most of us do not even know about its existence. Creatin supplements however, should not be used by children, and only under strict medical supervision. It should also not be consumed by pregnant women and lactating mothers.

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