58Does whey protein have side effects on the body? This article will reveal the truth behind whey protein supplements.

Several nutritional and biochemical experts are already investigating the effects of whey protein on our body. A recent pre-clinical study with rodents as subjects was focused on identifying the side effects of these protein products. Is there any conclusion and generalization on its side effects?

The metabolism of whey produces several byproducts. The protein molecules taken in the body will undergo protein metabolism cycle. This cycle usually begins at the mouth.

The byproducts of protein metabolism include carbohydrates, fatty acids, and peptides. These peptides are then further broken down into the protein building block amino acids. Amino acids can react with other compounds, forming undesirable byproducts. These undesired compounds is what the study is identifying that may be linked to possible side effects of whey protein.

Whey has been theorized to inhibit glutathione peptide. By inhibiting the function to fight free radicals, the proteins allow the absorption of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are notorious for their effects on aging through damaging cell membranes.

At end however, the conclusion of the pre-clinical study on rodents found no adequate evidence on the side effects of whey protein. Thus, it did not substantiate the hypothetical claim that whey has negative effects in human beings. There is no concrete evidence to associate whey supplement to cause side effects to the body. Therefore, whey protein supplements are still considered safe for those wanting to build muscles and start getting those 6 pack abs.

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