59Body builders work out very hard in a regular fashion to build up muscles and to free extra body fat. In order to build the procedure work fast some body builders take body building supplements to achieve pronounced results in a low period of time.

Advantage of taking supplements is that they facilitate the body builders to sustain vigour stages and increase the length of physical exertions. Nevertheless consumption of supplements can cause many side effects which can lead to numerous crucial health troubles so one should give a thought before having these supplements.

One of the standard body building supplements is Creatine. Creatine monohydrate step-up muscle richness and body mass and also shortens the recovery time after an strong workout. One essential side effect of getting Creatine supplement is that it persists in the water capacity in the muscles which can lead to drying up and one may increase weight upto 5 pound during the first week. Other side effects include gas, bloating, diarrhea in the outset of the first few weeks after taking the supplement.

Glutamine is other usual supplement which is taken by body builders who are engaged in regular deep workouts. Glutamine is a naturally occurring acid in the muscles whose role is to keep the immune system. It may be depleted due to extreme workouts or diet so it is requisite to maintain the level of glutamine in the muscular tissues. In order to hold up with the immune reaction, body builders pick out glutamine supplements. This is one of the supplements which does not develop any side effects.

Andro supplements are the ones which was being practiced in the Olympics. These supplements are not illegal but have been banned due to many side effects. Andro supplements are practiced for building muscle mass and body enduringness. One of the main side effect of this supplement is that is it gains the female sex hormones resulting in the evolution of fronts and diminished sex push. It can also increase the risk of heart diseases.

Caffeine is considered as a supplement with fewer side effects. It services in burning fat without weariness. For ages caffeine is known to improve concentration and for some people it is the best motivating agent. It is taken by the body builders for muscle contraction. Most of the people are addicted to consume caffeine too much because of its savor and other components. Side effects of too much consumption of caffeine include heart palpitations, nervousness, irritability, dehydration and diarrhea.

Body builders should study doubly before taking the supplements. The supplements should be studied well before consumption. Benefits and side effects of the supplement should be studied before intake for a significant body building.

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